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Here is the list of our partnership companies in alphabetical order :

AIGNEP is an Italian company that since its foundation 30 years ago, keeps accepting the challenge of a multiform market in the compressed air’s world. In 1992 it has been merged into Bugatti Group, with interests in many other fields, such as outdoor lamps and machine tools.


ASCO is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality solenoid valves. ASCO products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam.


CHELIC main products are pneumatic automation components including air line service unit , air control valves, vairety actuators, grippers , vacuum ejectors , fittings , assembly pick and place robots and hydraulic components.


CKD as a Japanese company has been a pioneer in pneumatic automation and anticipating changes in times. Drawing on CKD unique cutting edge technology, CKD is committed to providing the technical solutions and contributing to manufacturing advantage around the world.


COOLBIT was founded in 1999, in Taiwan. Their major production includes air-oil cooler for hydraulic system, oil cooler, inter-cooler for automobile industry and all kind of aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger.


For over 50 years, GALTECH has been proposing itself as a leading italian company in the production of oil-pressure equipments, keeping total customer satisfaction at the centre of its main philosophy.


Established over 30 years ago, the company has developed a range of compressed air and inert gas driven hydraulic pumps and power units. Based in the UK, with a North American sales office and warehouse and a network of distributors, HEYPAC is readily available around the globe.


Parker Legris designs, develops and manufactures connection solutions that enhance its customers’ productivity and profitability.



Since the 1970‘s Pister Kugelhähne GmbH of Muggensturm, Germany, has been considered among the elite group of manufacturers of High Pressure, On-Off- and Control Ball Valves, as well as Solenoid Valves and Block Mounted Valves for all domains of modern industry world wide.


For over 70 years, RYCO has been manufacturing hydraulic hose and fittings. The RYCO range of products includes hose, couplings and adaptors for the hydraulic and industrial markets.


SAMHO is a manufacturer and exporter in korea, producing of pneumatic products including solenoid valve, air unit, air cylinder and cylinder components, supplying our high quality products, competitve price and favorable terms to customer


SANG-A, the professional pneumatic maker, have been contributed to the development of pneumatic automation industry with constant quality improvement and technology innovation since 1980.


Since 1957, The Tognella products are distributed in over 35 countries and in different industrial, commercial and service sectors: mechanical, machine tools, earth-moving, agriculture, plastics, marble and wood making, materials handling and many else.


Established in 1987, Y.P.C. is a manufacturer of air solenoid valve and cylinder which are essential components of factory automation. In order to produce precise and reliable products, 100PPM has been implemented in our quality control ensuring the customer satisfaction.


In 40 years, YUKEN went from an auto repair shop to a publicly traded company. Since then YUKEN has continued to expand its line of hydraulic products as well as certain types of machinery dependent on hydraulic power.