Hydromax has been founded since march, 1988. it was located in Dong-Hising Road, nANTUN District, Taichung City, Taiwan at the onset of establishment in early begining stage, Hydromax started out business penetration into market from Gear Pump and Lift Valve. Through the first ten years effort, Hydromax succeeded in having our product enter Korean, Southeast Asia, China,etc. Hydromax product were distributed in more than 10 countries in the world with Hydromax brand names in the duration . In the second decade, Hydromax continued marketing Hydraulic Cartridge valve, Cartridge Solenoid Check Valve related product in succession. In order to enlarge the business scale and extend Hydromax product lines, in the end of 2007, Hydromax relocated the company to Wuri District Taichung City. Hydromax have been making efforts on integration for years, and this leads us to Hydromax's infividual style

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